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About DRGN 

Dragonchain is an enterprise-ready tokenized hybrid blockchain that makes blockchain decentralized blockchain applications easy to develop and maintain. Dragonchain’s public/private hybrid architecture gives enterprise developers more flexibility by enabling them to keep confidential information encrypted within a private blockchain while allowing data that needs to be published to be stored on a public blockchain. DRGN, referred to as Dragon, is the native asset of the Dragonchain ecosystem which can be utilized by the platform’s participants to access different features of the blockchain like the smart contract library. Dragonchain users can earn DRGN for their participation on the network as well as by completing blockchain-based courses in the Dragon Academy. DRGN tokens act as a tokenized micro-license (TML), an improvement to legacy software-licensing models which typically require a fixed annual payment for every computer that is running the software. DRGN tokens were originally distributed to token sale participants that provided early funding to further develop the Dragonchain platform. There are approximately 235,000,000 DRGN in the circulating supply. The maximum supply that will ever exist is 433,494,437 DRGN. 

Chainlink features five levels of node operators that complete different tasks in order to verify and securely store data that is moving between the Dragonchain and interchain platforms. The first layer is the Private Business Node. An enterprise will use this level to securely contain confidential information and business logic that can not be viewed by external parties or nodes on external blockchains. The second level are called Level 2 Nodes. These node operators validate the data that is generated in the private business node. This job is completed by the level 2 nodes without exposing the data that is encrypted in the private business nodes. The third layer of nodes, Level 3 Nodes, verify that information passing beyond the level 2 nodes has hit the minimum threshold of node verification to be deemed legitimate and valid. The fourth layer are called Level 4 Nodes. These node operators are similar to a public notary service. Nodes on the fourth level take information from external participants of the third level and cryptographically verify that the data is valid. The final layer, the Level 5 Nodes, are the final checkpoint that data must pass before it can interact with other blockchains that include; Bitcoin Neo, Ethereum Classic, and Ethereum. Once information on the Dragonchain has been verified by all 5 node levels, can be exported to the external blockchains that are compatible with the Dragonchain platform. 


Interoperability is one of the primary features of the Dragonchain ecosystem. Interchain technology allows your Dragonchain assets to connect and interact with external blockchains that include: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, and Neo. This is advantageous for developers as it gives them access to the features and capabilities of many blockchains without having to spend time and resources to build these functions independently on each chain. 

Dragon Factor is another feature available on the Dragonchain platform. Dragon Factor is a cryptographic solution that makes accessing websites and securely storing passwords quicker and easier. When you establish a Factor, your login credentials are encrypted on the blockchain. Your Dragon Factor will generate a public key that will act as a single entry point that you can use to gain access to your online accounts. Dragon Factor has increased security because your passwords are encrypted before they are saved. This means that no third party or hacker can see your actual password even if they gain access to them. 

Dragon Den is a social media application that is a part of the Dragonchain ecosystem and uses the platform’s native DRGN token as the fuel for the system. You can customize your Den based on the categories of information you would like to receive. You can earn DRGN tokens by participating on the platform and posting content that others find to be valuable. By basing the social media site on a transfer of value via the DRGN token, the platform discourages participants form posting false information or being generally unruly. 

The Dragonchain Academy is an educational platform that teaches students of all skill levels about blockchains and blockchain development. Regardless of your blockchain knowledge, anyone that is completing courses on the Dragonchain Academy can earn DRGN tokens by becoming more knowledgeable and skilled. The Dragonchain Foundation holds a reserve of DRGN tokens that are used to pay students of the Dragonchain Academy for their participation. You can also schedule classes at physical locations if you have a team that you would like to become more proficient with blockchain.

The Dragonchain Console is a useful feature of the Dragonchain platform that is the entryway to a lot of the products offered within the ecosystem. On the Dragonchain Console, developers have access to their wallets, smart contracts, nodes, and other blockchain applications. The Console features a user interface that reduces the knowledge barrier typical of managing a blockchain application. 

You can buy, sell, and trade DRGN when you create an account on Beaxy. First, fill out the registration form at Now that you have an account, you can get verified in minutes by submitting a qualified document. Once your account is verified, simply add funds to your account and determine if you want to buy or sell DRGN tokens. You can fund your account with digital currency, a bank account or wire transfer, or by using a credit or debit card. Beaxy’s DRGN-BTC pair is the world’s most liquid market for Dragonchain tokens.