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Converting ZRX to other currencies

 Convert ZRX to your national currency on Beaxy. Check the converter above to see what the conversion rate is. Simply select your national currency to see what the price of ZRX is. The best part is you can place an order for ZRX directly from the converter once you select your currency!

About ZRX:

0x is a system of smart contracts that pool liquidity from various providers to facilitate increased trading of ERC-20 assets. ZRX is the native token for the protocol developed by 0x, which is creating an infrastructure that enables decentralized exchanges to be built on top of it. This combines the order flows from each decentralized exchange to achieve greater liquidity for every ERC-20 token. The pooled order books are managed by “relayers” on the network. The ZRX token can be utilized by active members of the 0x community to vote on Improvement Proposals that refine and enhance the protocol. These upgrades are called 0x Improvement Proposa;s (ZEIPs). The 0x team is transitioning the voting methodology to be a liquid democracy. This enables token holders to delegate their votes to other particiaptns of the ecosystem who may have more knowledge about a topic that is being voted on. ZRX can also be staked in pools that enable the token holder to earn liquidity rewards that are paid out in ETH. The 0x team is also working on additional products that include, asset swapper (allows decentralized finance businesses to easily find liquidity and integrate it into their own smart contracts to fill orders at more favorable prices), 0x Instant (enables quick and cheap digital asset purchasing), and 0x Launch Kit (an infrastructure that enables third parties to build and launch an exchange or marketplace). 0x is built to be a messaging standard as well as a platform for the development of smart contracts. The massaging standard, for example, can be used by market makers to transfer their messages off-chain and include information about the order they are submitting to execute a trade at a specific price. This messaging format is contained in a token registry. The registry functions as a smart contract that stores information about each ERC20 token that is available to be exchanged. This registry acts as the off-chain ledger of record to ensure that transactions handled off-chain can be properly validated.

ZRX finished its initial token sale in August of 2017. The project raised $24,000,000 worth of Ethereum tokens to fund their future developments. At the time of the sale, 1,000,000,000 tokens were created. This represents the entire amount of ZRX tokens that will ever exist. Of the 1,000,000,000 ZRX tokens that were created for the token sale, only 600,000,000 are currently in the circulating supply. 500,000,000 or 50% of the total token supply was allocated to the buyers who participated in the token sale. 150,000,000 or 15% of the tokens were held by the 0x team to regularly upgrade and maintain the network. An additional 150,000,000 or 15% of the tokens were given to a developers fund that is used to help grow the 0x ecosystem. 10,000,000 or 10% of the token supply was set aside for the 0x team members with a vesting schedule of four years. The remaining 10,000,000 tokens or 10% of the supply was allocated to the original investors and advisors who supported the 0x project from very early on.