Main FAQ How do I place a buy/sell order?

We have provided a convenient video to describe the order process. Feel free to watch it or follow the written instructions in the article below.

In order to buy or sell any coin you first need to navigate to a trading page for that particular asset.  Coins can have multiple trading pairs.  For example, BXY can be traded against BTC as well as USDC. These markets are represented by the trading pairs BTC-BXY and USDC-BXY.

In the upper left hand corner of the Trading Page you will see the currently active trading pair.

How do I place a buy/sell order?

Clicking on the current trading pair will bring up your market options. This is a list of all trading pairs currently offered by Beaxy, as well as a Favorites list for the current user.

How do I place a buy/sell order?

Order Form
Once you are at the desired trading pair page, you will see the order form in the upper left corner.  In the example below, the trading pair is BTC-BXY. 

How do I place a buy/sell order?

First, select the order type you wish to use from the drop down at the top of the form.  For more details on order types you can find a comprehensive list here.

How do I place a buy/sell order?

Once you have selected your order type, you may fill in the rest of the order form. Note that in the example below because it is a limit order a price may be specified. For a market order, the order is placed at the current price as dictated by the market.

How do I place a buy/sell order?

The pane also displays the current funds you have available to make trades, either for buying or selling. The percentage buttons under the amount will fill in the Amount field with the appropriate number depending on the desired action – if you are buying an asset it will place an order equal to that percentage of your available BTC or USDC, but if you are selling an asset it will make an order offering to sell that percentage of your available funds in that currency.

The Order Pane also includes an approximate total of the order, either the amount you will receive or spend depending on if you are buying or selling, as well as the amount you will pay in fees.

One of the utilities of the native BXY token is that you may use it to pay all trading fees on the platform, and certain user levels will receive a discount for using this option. You may read about fees and user levels here, or how to use the Pay with BXY option here.

Once you are satisfied with the amount and price of your order, click anywhere inside the green or red circle to place it. A confirmation message will appear in the lower left corner of the window. You may then find your order in the Open Orders pane.

How do I place a buy/sell order?

For detailed information on the Market Trading Rules, please refer to  this article.

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