Main FAQ Security tips

Beaxy was built from the ground up with your security in mind. That being said a significant amount of your safety and security depends on you. Many of the same principles that apply to securing your personal information other places on the internet also apply here.

This is by no means a complete list, there are any number of additional tips and tricks to help keep your information, and your assets, as safe as possible. As such this list may grow or change over time and it may be worth checking back from time to time to see if there is anything new that may help you.

  • Do not write down passwords, or store them somewhere that others can access them
  • Enable 2FA authentication
  • Secure your computer and home network
  • Do not discuss your cryptocurrency assets in public places such as social media
  • Subscribe to and use a VPN
  • Remove assets from the exchange that you do not intend to use in a short period of time
  • Use a dedicated email address for Beaxy
  • If you are at all suspicious of activity regarding your account, err on the side of caution – always report it
  • If you must use a public computer, remember to log out of your account before you leave
  • Do not click on suspicious links, open suspicious emails, or talk to people claiming to be Beaxy employees who are unknown to you – please refer to this article about phishing

Remember, a little caution can go a long way. If you have any questions about these or other security practices regarding your Beaxy account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support staff.

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