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Address, Blockchain

Not unlike addresses in both the real world and on the worldwide web, the blockchain address refers to the string of text provided to identify a specific place or user. To be more specific the blockchain address is the string of text that places the location of a particular wallet within a blockchain. This can be used to either send or receive cryptocurrencies from.

As a rule all blockchains have wallet addresses in some form. Most come in a long string of letters and numbers in a line of text challenging for human eyes to decode, but easily understood by a computer network. As an example, a Bitcoin address will look like this: 1CKa7k7RtaV4TRRcnjciVndBS8hNG1G9ip.

Given the nature of most blockchains, it is entirely possible to see the total amount and which type, of cryptocurrencies wallets contain. Majority of the crypto addresses on a blockchain network are anonymous given that no personally identifiable information is needed to set up a new wallet address on the blockchain. While this is the case, not all these addresses are entirely anonymous and some addresses are publicly-known to be tied to individuals or firms.

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