Hacking refers to the act of using a computer or a computer system to infiltrate or manipulate another. Of course, the entire process is unauthorized and is a compromise of the computer system’s integrity. 

The act of Hacking, as we know it today, had received a negative connotation and an outright misconception by mainstream society. In the beginning, Hacking was actually just a term to refer to the process of ethically testing certain computer systems or networks for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This is undertaken by experts in the technical field and thus have due permission from the system owners.

Hacking is actually divided into 3 classifications:

1. White Hat

This pertains to ethical hacking which is done by system experts who were hired by the system’s owner to check if its security is tight. Should the hacker find vulnerabilities, then he or she would be recommending how these could be resolved.

2. Black Hat

This refers to the unethical hacking as it involves the agency of malicious entities that aim at taking information from which they are unauthorized to gain profit.

3. Grey Hat 

As the term suggests, this type of hacking is a mixture of both Black Hat and White Hat procedures. For instance, the hacker may infiltrate a system and afterward offer his or her services to the system’s owner for a full-time job.