Main Knowledge Base How will Beaxy add new tokens?

The Present

Beaxy’s listing team consists of a handful of people with many years of experience in different aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain. They each bring unique perspective, insight, and knowledge to our listing process.

Currently projects may submit an application to request listing on the exchange. These applications are reviewed by the listing team, who will do extensive research into the projects first to determine if they meet the exacting requirements we have set in place. Once it has been determined that there is a high chance of the project being a good fit for listing, they will reach out to representatives of the project’s team to continue the research on a more personal level.

We will explore ways that we can collaborate and mutually benefit from a listing. This could include growing each other’s communities, marketing, development, or anything else that we feel could be mutually beneficial.

The listing application form can be found here. Please note that a letter from a third-party attorney stating that the coin or token in question is not a security is mandatory!

The Future

Right now we provide a channel on our Discord server for users to suggest projects that they feel are worth exploring. This community feedback does not always have a direct effect on the projects we research, but we feel it is important to give our users a voice and engage in the discussion.

To that end, we plan to give our community members more involvement in the listing process. Through surveys, contests, on site votes, and innovative approaches we will give our users a unique ability to help shape the exchange with us.

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