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Bitcoin Cash crept into the crypto world as a result of a hard fork from Bitcoin that occurred in August 2017, forming a new cryptocurrency or digital coin. In 2018, Bitcoin Cash had gone through another fork and split into two forms: the Bitcoin Cash ABC and the Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Vision).
Bitcoin Cash brings a solution to the scalability problem of Bitcoin by increasing the block size on the chain. Thus, more transactions can be processed in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.
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Bitcoin Cash Features

Lower transaction fees
The blockchain system of Bitcoin cash is composed of larger blocks than the original Bitcoin. The mother crypto has 1mb for each block while Bitcoin Cash blocks have 8mb. With more scalability features, there is less competition among users to get the next transaction to the next block. In effect, users need not resort to outbid each other for higher transaction fees. Bitcoin Cash fees are usually at twenty cents.
Fast-paced Progress
Bitcoin users who held Bitcoin balance when the Bitcoin fork occurred became automatic Bitcoin Cash holders as their balances were automatically credited with the equivalent Bitcoin Cash. Since then, Bitcoin Cash holders propagated the use of the new blockchain that translated to huge exchanges and Bitcoin Cash trading. Known personalities in the crypto realm also endorse Bitcoin Cash that also sets the rapid growth of the new altcoin.
Higher Transaction Capabilities
Since Bitcoin Cash blockchain is powered by larger-sized blocks than Bitcoin, it means that the new coin is capable of higher transaction processes every second. Approximately, Bitcoin can perform up to three transactions per second. While Bitcoin Cash, at its full capacity, can process up to twenty-four transactions each second. What’s more, to look forward to is the innovation of Bitcoin Cash developers to produce Gigabyte Blocks to keep abreast with the fastest in the sector.
More blockchain Scaling
Bitcoin Cash’s blockchain is also modeled the same way with Bitcoin comprising several layers of protocol. Bitcoin Cash developers are inclined to the scaling of base layer protocol as they believe that it is the most secure layer to scale. Bitcoin is on the conflicting side of things as its developers think that the base layer should be optimized to be securely firm. Instead, Bitcoin developers are looking to scale the higher layers of the protocol which as of this day have yet to be enhanced.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Bitcoin Cash Technology

The technology behind Bitcoin Cash is the same technology that runs its mother crypto, the blockchain technology. Since Bitcoin Cash is made out of Bitcoin fork, it is also being created the same way as Bitcoin, through a digital process.
The blockchain serves as a general ledger that records every transaction that has been made. Users or holders of the Bitcoin Cash use computers to make any transaction and are rewarded with Bitcoin Cash.
Users are rewarded for processing the transactions on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. These BCH rewards can be used by users to sell their tokens. In another way, the number of coins in circulation is controlled. To create new BCH coins to inject in the circulation, users will have to mine them.
Mining becomes increasingly difficult over time as designed. This is purposefully done to limit new coins joining the circulation to avoid over saturation of coins in the digital market. Bitcoin Cash is set to produce up to 21 million as its limit. Once it is reached, miners will only be rewarded with a portion of token for each transaction.
Much has been said about the mining of Bitcoin Cash, but how are these digital coins mined?

How to Mine Bitcoin Cash?

Mining Bitcoin Cash is performed by using high-powered computers to solve extremely complex mathematical problems. The same effort of literally mining for gold underground is what these computers exert to solve just one mathematical problem. Digital miners are set to an almost mission impossible of digitally mining for coins. According to Investopedia, unearthing a digital coin is as rare as one in 13 trillion.
Mining Bitcoin Cash yields two outcomes. One is that when computers were able to solve complex mathematical problems on the blockchain technology, they are able to produce new coins. The second is that the Bitcoin Cash network becomes more virtually secure as every transaction is protected by verified transaction information through the solved complex mathematical problems. They form into ‘nodes’ that serve as the unlocking key for every transaction.
Bitcoin miners act like quality control personnel as they make sure that no bitcoin cash is duplicated. More so, these miners must verify 8 Megabyte worth of transactions which can be as much as over a hundred transactions. They also send their “proof of work” or the computation of the solved mathematical problem represented in a 64-digit hexadecimal number known as a “hash”.

Risks of Bitcoin Cash Trading

Bitcoin Cash is sure a booming investment these days and is one of the top emerging altcoins in the industry. However, there are also risks in trading this Bitcoin fork. Below are some of the factors that make Bitcoin Cash vulnerable.
Decentralization Setback
Bitcoin Cash developers have focused on on-chain scaling and enlarging transaction blocks but failed to show their game plan for the peer-to-peer aspect of the protocol. This is one of the glaring reasons why Bitcoin Cash has few miners and network nodes.
Small Working Team
A relatively smaller development team working on the Bitcoin Cash and its protocols may be another factor to look into as bigger working teams of Bitcoin and other altcoins can outdo the BCH team in terms of protocol developments, innovations, and technologies. A bigger team means more hands and heads will join forces to expedite necessary developments to keep abreast of the blockchain competition.
Limited Use
Though Bitcoin is reaching a larger scale of markets as time goes by, the volatility of cryptocurrency remains a hindrance to attract more businesses to accept and use crypto coins as an alternative transaction of payments and trade. If the most successful digital coin shows vulnerability, its altcoins would surely pose much bigger weaknesses and limitations. More so, the fact of the matter remains that many businesses in the world do not accept Bitcoin as a legitimate exchange.

Bitcoin Cash Value and How to Buy BCH

Albeit a young cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash is ranked fifth among the top-valued cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $4.73 billion. Its volume is currently at $1.72 billion. And just like any other digital coin, its price has fluctuated since its market introduction.
If you are thinking of buying BCH, the easiest way is to use fiat currency to purchase it. However, vigilance against fraudulent entities must always be at the back of your head as you look for online crypto exchanges. Trading other cryptocurrencies is another viable option to acquire Bitcoin Cash.
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