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Bitcoin SV is one of the many cryptocurrencies available on Beaxy Exchange. Here, you can purchase this digital asset with several different coins. Note that Bitcoin SV is not a subsidiary of Bitcoin or any similarly named currencies.
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Features of Bitcoin SV

Stability takes precedence prior to enterprises operating on a technology platform. As this is the case, Bitcoin SV establishes stability through a number of steps that would modify the Bitcoin protocol in such a way that it goes back to its former originally intended design. In turn, the change would allow innovation to happen on top of a tight and stable base protocol. What this means for businesses and development teams is that multiple solutions are made possible through the BSV blockchain.
The BSV had been developed in such a way that it is able to process transaction volumes when needed. The token's roadmap is set on being able to deliver increases in capacity. It does this through the production of a default or miner configurable blocks which are bigger in size and notable improvement in performance. The test environments used for the project are meant to identify possible hurdles and constant performance assessments that the protocol runs on. BSV allows for massive scaling to enable significant support for transaction volumes and further transaction fees for BSV miners.
Poised to becoming a global currency, BSV assures its holders a level of security that is at par with the standards of a global money system. To serve this cause, the BSV project focuses on a strict Quality Assurance for the mining node software. The BSV team will employ the best practices for change management and enlist external QA expertise from extraneous industries that also focus on tight data security. These services also include that of industry-leading blockchain security audit firms and a bug bounty program that matches what Google and Microsoft implements.
Speedy and Safe
Through BSV's Safe Instant Transactions or STI, the brick-and-mortar merchant market is unlocked for BSV payments. This allows for better security without compromising the speed of transactions. The BSV mindset places safe and immediate transactions as top priority.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Bitcoin SV?

It’s a good question. What is Bitcoin SV, exactly, and how do you use it? Apart from being one of the options on Beaxy Exchange, it must have some use for an average user. And it does, if you’re willing to invest some of your time, energy and money into BSV.
BSV can be used as a currency in several applications that accept Bitcoin SV as the means of payment. There aren’t many of them yet, but if you found yourself in possession of some amount of BSV, you won’t be stuck with it. The full list includes both crypto-related apps and the platforms that accept BSV as one of the currencies.
You can use BSV to pay for your groceries and other goods in many institutions across the world. It’s not much, but BSV is only warming up.
Given that BSV is:
● In free circulation
● Based on the same tech as Bitcoin
● Can be redeemed for Bitcoin in several ways
You can expect this currency to have a steady BTC-oriented growth. The more companies and general users join the Bitcoin SV blockchain, the better for the BSV community as a whole.
You can expect more companies and users to join because it’s a good deal. BSV software allows people to mine more effectively, build their own software atop their nodes, and also commit transactions for low, sometimes zero costs.
And it’s actually the developers' intentional doing. The satoshis, a sub-currency that represents a fraction of BTC value, are given out as tokens to the early miners exactly because they aren’t given any money by the users.
Because of this indirect connection between Bitcoin and the value of the network (which can be translated into the value of BSV), BSV is partly tied to the value of Bitcoin. And there are more ways than one in which this connection is maintained.

Bitcoin SV technology

Bitcoin SV is relatively easy to acquire. It is a manifestation of the value of a system with the same name. The technology behind the BSV system isn’t too different from Bitcoin technology itself. As mentioned, Bitcoin SV is essentially a Bitcoin fork, another version of the blockchain. The BSV protocol enjoys the achievements of its predecessor, Bitcoin Cash – bigger transaction volume and stability, most notably – but with a few changes.
The new features implemented by the BCH team, like the smart contracts and decentralized applications, have been rejected by the BSV team for some reason, but, in the core, they and BTC proper are virtually the same.
For an everyday miner or trader, the only real difference is price. BTC is obviously the most expensive – one Bitcoin costs more than $11.000 as of now. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) follows with the price of -$250 per coin. BSV is a bit of an underdog in the family – one coin costs about $160. It’s still a worthy price, but not as high as the other two.

How to mine Bitcoin SV?

Strictly speaking, you can’t do that officially. You can purchase Bitcoin SV on the official website, but there’s no apparent way to mine this cryptocurrency. There are ways to mine Bitcoin using BSV extensive software, but BSV is a bit detached from the usual understanding of what cryptocurrency mining is in this way.
Again, you can mine Bitcoin with the software that upholds the value of BSV currency. BSV team even provides several protocols that help enhance the efficacy of mining on BSV nodes (like MinerID). This, and also the fact that software is supported and developed by Nakamoto (reportedly) help to foster stable growth BSV’s value.

Risks of Bitcoin SV Trading

Trading in Bitcoin SV isn’t as risky as trading in the majority of alternative coins. The fact that Bitcoin SV directly competes with Bitcoin Cash means that many crypto-related apps and platforms are pushed to choose between the two.
Some will choose BCH and some will choose BSV. And, some just put both currencies on their platform to let the users decide what they want to trade in. Beaxy Exchange, for instance, is one of such platforms that supports both Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash.
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