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Today, cryptocurrencies are great financial instruments that can support people in their wishes to increase their income. One of the most promising – cryptocurrency GoChain or shorter version – GO.
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Features of GO

A lot of Bitcoin users say that this cryptocurrency doesn’t have real decentralization because 70% of mining is concentrated in China and divided between several pools. Every miner is independent of each other. All pools are thoroughly checked, and their participation is regulated by special vote.
This cryptocurrency can process up to 1300 transactions per second. It is faster than Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other.
GO’s blockchain technology grows tremendously every day in comparison with analogs.
There are clear and transparent criteria, such as capitalization, brand, authorization and publicity of trade. That’s why this cryptocurrency is so promising. You can be sure that you return your investments with an income.
To be able to participate in mining and earn a good reputation, GoChain companies have to register and give proofs that their workers aren’t connected with other organizations.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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GO technology

This project is based on Ethereum, and its main task is to improve cryptocurrency’s scaling and information processing speed. In developers’ opinion, this step allows one to use smart-contracts and applications with greater efficiency.
The main goal is to solve problems that other cryptocurrency projects have:
1. Low blockchain bandwidth
2. Bad decentralization
3. High energy consumption of the mining process.
If GoChain solves this problem, we make cryptocurrency more friendly for the environment.
Thanks to the factors mentioned earlier, creators of this cryptocurrency have solved these problems. In other aspects, this is classical blockchain technology. In simple words, this is a database where you can add recordings, but you can’t delete or edit them.
Moreover, if one of the recordings is edited or deleted, it can be restored from other independent databases around the world. That’s why you can trust this technology.
If one person transfers money to another, a new recording is added but previous are saved too.
GO technology is also named “distributed ledger technology” because all orders and a list of owners are saved by many independent users. Even if some computers don’t work, all information about transactions is saved. That’s why so many people trust blockchain technology.
Now, GO is the leader in using blockchain to provide automatic and unchangeable database systems for future generations.
The developers of decentralized applications, which interact with smart-contracts in GoChain, can use Linkmason Link. This is a FaaS platform that creates traditional web-APIs for the developers who interact with the blockchain.
Also, GoChain proposes to use blockchain technology as an instrument for saving and managing intellectual property rights in the decentralized “diary”.
One of the elements of GO is GoChain File System (GoFS). This is fast and decentralized file storage in the internet. You can access the content from IPFS without a need to start and manage your own instance of IPFS.
Unlike the traditional file hosting applications (Drop Box, Google Drive, etc.), files stored using the GoFS technology are supported from several places. This can increase the loading speed of these files and their protection.
In comparison to other ICO, this cryptocurrency creates decentralized applications and reliable contracts.
The technology of GO makes it compatible with existing Ethereum wallets, smart contracts and other tools. Also, it allows to take lower commissions. You have to pay 7500 times less than with Ethereum.
This is a highly scalable blockchain and cryptocurrency. This project sets as its main goal to provide an ability to cope with high loads and work with smart contracts and distributed applications. To achieve this, developers plan to create an original structure of blockchain and give it big advantages in comparison to existing analogs.
GoChain believes in the ability to use highly-effective technologies to make people’s lives better. GO cryptocurrency collaborates with companies from many spheres to launch and manage their scalable and cheap blockchain technologies.

How to mine GO?

GO tries to stop mining. Instead of this, 50 huge companies from 50 countries serve as validators and use their reputation to maintain trust. They hope to achieve a high level of decentralization and transparency.
However, this is not a problem because you can trade GO on Beaxy and earn money using this ICO project.
Beaxy is a great project where you can buy different cryptocurrencies and exchange them. You can do it even from your mobile phone. They offer 24/7 customer support and learning center for beginners, where they can study features of cryptocurrency trading. Also, you can join the communities where you can discuss different interesting topics connected to cryptocurrency. You will definitely enjoy talking to people who have the same interests.

Risks of GO Trading

There are 3 key risks of trading GoChain: Investment risk. Any cryptocurrency is an investment instrument with q high level of risk because of its big popularity. It can also be said about GO and other new cryptocurrencies because they grow. However, this is a perspective instrument, and it shows great results. Security risk. It is significantly higher than other classic financial instruments because of aspects connected with the trading process. You should understand it when you plan your investing strategy. Also, you need to have an internet connection if you want to trade or use GO as a payment method. If you trade via a broker, you don’t need to have an internet connection, you can ask the broker to buy or sell stocks, currency or other assets. It creates a situation when you depend on your internet provider, for example. Regulatory risk. If you want to trade stocks, real estate or other classic assets, you can use the services of a broker that has an appropriate license. Even Forex brokers are regulated by non-commercial organizations, and that’s why you can be sure in the reliability of a company. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency is an asset that is protected from government regulation, but this problem has a positive side. GO is an independent cryptocurrency - you can trade it anonymously and, in many cases, you don’t have to pay taxes. It is associated with a bigger income.

GoChain development plan

Now, GoChain is a promising cryptocurrency with a large number of interesting features. Also, news about new features and partners are published every day. This project is successful and it grows tremendously every day.
All transactions are checked by companies from the Fortune 500 list, different NGOs. Professional traders rate GO very optimistic. This is an improved version of Ethereum. It is 1000 times faster. Moreover, this company actively introduces different positive directions for logistics, finances, oil companies, etc. This fact makes the project so reliable.
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