Success On Beaxy: Hear From Our Top Traders

May 28, 2021 | 

Last week, we reached out to two of the top traders in Beaxy Black, our VIP trading community, to give them an opportunity to share their stories of successful trading on Beaxy. Follow along to hear about their experiences on the platform and as a participant in the Beaxy Black trading community.

Beaxy Black VIP Members

Beaxy Black is a tight-knit community made up of Beaxy’s executives, team members, and VIP traders. The exclusive group is free to join and comes with lots of perks.

As a VIP trader, the benefits of Beaxy Black membership include:

  • Rebate up to 30% back on trading fees, paid out monthly to your Beaxy BTC wallet.
  • Monthly trading competitions with prizes for the top traders by volume.
  • New prizes every month.
  • Direct and fast support from the Beaxy team when you need it.
  • Strategies and guidance from other traders.
  • A knowledgeable automated trading community.

And more!

To apply for Beaxy Black membership, fill out and submit the application at the end of the article.

Top Trader: That Guy

A Beaxy Black VIP trader who goes by “That Guy” is currently in the top spot on this month’s leaderboard. That guy has competed in 10 monthly rounds of BB trading competitions, finishing in the top 25 in each of the 10 rounds, and has won a bonus STK locking 8 times for finishing in the top 10.

Remarking on his experience trading on Beaxy and participating in the Beaxy Black, That Guy wrote:

“Funnily enough, I’m not a very experienced trader, but I’ve been studying a lot recently. Looking back a few months, if someone had said to me I could be #1 in Beaxy Black with this kind of trading volume (April & May) while making a good profit, I would have laughed it off. But just so happened to be, largely thanks to Beaxy’s support of trading automation.

Most of the time I tend to trade on fiat and stablecoin pairs for easier tracking and to keep the base a bit stabler. Speaking of stability, I prefer using automation as much as possible to avoid human errors and emotions to take over the strategies. Of course, saving my time and having no downtime from trading are also great perks of automation. However, occasionally I do some manual short-term trades on Beaxy’s mobile app if I notice good opportunities. For now, I’ve played around with Gunbot, Hummingbot, and Beaxy APIs for custom automation. These are great tools and I’ve found it easy to create simple custom automations against v2 APIs.

I like to use Beaxy because of multiple reasons. Most importantly it truly feels safe thanks to their safety, regulatory, and transparency orientation. There are all features you need for trading and more. Funding my account with fiat and cryptocurrency is easy and straightforward. Trading fees are low, especially when considering discounts by using the Beaxy Token and rebates from Beaxy Black. I’ve really enjoyed being part of Beaxy Black, not just because of the rewards from rounds – although they are awesome – but also because I’ve learned much in the Beaxy Black chat room.”

Top Trader: DG

Another top trader from our Beaxy Black VIP trading group goes by the nickname DG on our leaderboard. DG is a Beaxy Black veteran that has competed in each of the 13 monthly rounds that have taken place so far.

In 2020, DG strung together three consecutive 1st place finishes making him the only member to achieve a 3-peat! DG has won 8 bonus STK lockings for finishing in the top 10 in 8 monthly competitions.

When asked about his experience trading on Beaxy, DG wrote:

“One of the reasons I love Beaxy as a trader is, above all else, their customer support is the best in the industry bar none. This exchange is slowly building a foundation for a much bigger and better platform. The team is very responsive. I’ve had several small issues where I had submitted a support ticket, and in one instance they replied within 10 minutes. They’re based in my home city of Chicago, so I know my funds are safe because they’re local and they use Curv as their custodian.

With other exchanges I’ve been on, many years ago, I did wind up losing some of my money. As this space evolves, the exchange that provides the most peace of mind is most important to me, because I hold my money there. Also, they have been recently doing several integrations with several large automated trading bots. I’ve tried Hummingbot out, and it actually works.

They offer an easy way to move fiat USD in and out of the exchange, so that’s also very important to me. But overall, very secure and safe exchange, no shady business, and no secret activity or agenda behind the scenes like another exchange I won’t mention. Looking forward to using the automated trading signals more- they’ve saved me in this bearish downtrend.”

Join Our Community of VIP Traders

Success On Beaxy: Hear From Our Top Traders

Once you have been accepting into the Beaxy Black trading community, you will receive an invitation to the exclusive BB Telegram channel that allows you to:

  • Directly connect with the Beaxy team.
  • Discuss what you want to see implemented on Beaxy.
  • Strategize with other traders in the community.
  • Get insights into Beaxy and our plans for the future.
  • Access to exclusive AMA’s between Beaxy executives and the members of Beaxy Black.

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